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Angstrom Precision Optics delivers optics that others can’t because of our capabilities to fabricate hard-to-find, hard-to-manufacture materials.

We work with every high-demand, common optical material, as well as many emerging and rare materials. In fact, our unprecedented stock and access to rare materials allow us to deliver optics unavailable anywhere else in the world.

APO works with glass from all major suppliers, including Schott, Corning, Heraeus, Hoya, ULC, Glass Fab, Dynasil and others. We’ll even stock your materials to cut down your carry costs and lead times.

Specialty Materials

APO is a leader in the optical fabrication of:

  • Germanium: APO's process yields very high precision, low cost, high volume IR optics. Our process was proven in delivery of over 80,000 germanium windows used in Defense. We typically can produce germanium optics up to 8" in diameter.
  • ULE glass: Ultra low expansion glass for visible applications.
  • Exotic and colored filter glass: Particularly useful for biomedical applications, filter glasses can be combined with specialized coatings to achieve very specific reflection or transmission values to meet customer requirements.

In fact, we’ve collected an inventory of specialty, rare and discontinued glass, including:

C2403 C2418 C2540 C2550 C3307 C3486
C3750 C3850 C3962 C3966 C4010 C4015
C4445 C5031 C5113 C5330 C5543 C5840
C5850 C5900 C5970 C9780 C9782 C9788


Hoya B380 Hoya B390 Hoya B430 Hoya B460 Hoya HA30 Hoya HA50 Hoya L38
Hoya L39 Hoya L41 Hoya L42 Hoya LA140 Hoya LB20 Hoya LB40 Hoya LB200
Hoya G530 Hoya G533 Hoya G545 Hoya R66 Hoya RT830 Hoya U340 Hoya Y50


Schott BG7 Schott BG7A Schott BG18 Schott BG34 Schott BG39 Schott FG10 Schott FG18
Schott GG420 Schott GG495 Schott RG6 Schott UG1 Schott UG3 Schott VG9 Schott VG14


WG360 Y52

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