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Optical Substrates

APO utilizes precision double-side grinding and polishing to fabricate glass substrates suitable for defense, aerospace, biomedical, microlithography, and imaging applications. We can also supply coated substrates of UV, visible, IR, and other materials.

Machined Reticles

Reticles are target patterns etched into a glass substrate. They are often included in imaging systems to aid measurement or alignment.

CNC Capabilities:

  • Size: < 330mm diameter
  • Flatness: < 1/30 wave at 632nm
  • Parallelism: < 0.5 arc sec
  • Surface Cosmetics: < 5-2 SD
  • Surface Roughness: < 5 Å
  • Minimum Thickness: 0.2mm
  • Maximum Diagonal: 480mm
  • Minimum Diagonal: 1mm

Coated Witness Samples

Witness samples are “dummy” parts that are coated along with production parts. They can be optically tested independently from coated products, and they can also be subjected to destructive testing. Witness samples can also be used to monitor coating growth in situ. APO stocks standard samples 1" in diameter and .040" thick in various glass materials.

Coated Optics

APO can supply turnkey coated optics. Whether you need AR, reflective, diamond-like-carbon (DLC), or another coating, we help customers maximize yields to reduce cost and waste. Contact APO to discuss your master plate layout.